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Sven Pieper, Hans-Joachim Schmid
Guard ring induced distortion of the steady velocity profile in a parallel plate rheometer

Appl. Rheol. 26:6 (2016) 64533 (7 pages)

Abstract: The shape and fracture of the free surface frequently limits the measuring range and impedes the use of optical velocimetric techniques in parallel plate and cone plate setups. To prevent this, various kinds of edge guards are often employed. In the present study, we elucidate how an edge guard distorts the steady velocity profile in a parallel plate setup. To this end, we analyzed the velocity field of a strongly shear-thinning fluid, a Newtonian fluid and a set of suspensions via particle image velocimetry in a parallel plate device. Several guard ring sizes were studied. The distortion is described by a simple three parameter model. These parameters are mostly constant for different fluids and suspensions with particle volume fractions below 45%. With increasing radius, the guard ring.s influence approaches a limiting value that we attribute to the influence of the fluid surrounding the gap. Our results indicate a limiting ratio of the difference between plate radius and guard to gap size that should always be exceeded. In the presence of a guard ring, even Newtonian fluids do not exhibit a constant shear rate for most radial distances within the gap. This distortion of the velocity field challenges the simple superposition approach of unguarded device and guard influence that is prevalent in the literature. © 2016 Applied Rheology.

DOI 10.3933/ApplRheol-26-64533

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