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Luigi Coppola, Isabella Nicotera, Cesare Oliviero
Dynamic Rheological Analysis of MLVs and Lamellar Phases in the System C_12 E_4/D_2O

Appl. Rheol. 15:4 (2005) 230-237

Abstract: The mechanical properties of the lamellar phase, La, of the system C_12 E_4/D_2O were studied along an isoplethal path (30 wt% C_12 E_4) in the temperature range 10 - 60 C. A dynamic analysis was determined by small strain oscillatory rheometry. The multilamellar vesicles (MLVs) (onions) were transformed by shearing the lamellar phase. The micellar phase was investigated by steady and dynamic rheological experiments. The micellar aggregate size increases slightly upon heating and the transition from micelles to lamellae appears to be a first order transition. The mechanical spectra of the lamellar phase show a strong dependence of the moduli on the frequency. This is typical of defective lamellar phases. They are different from MLVs mechanical spectra. The MLVs viscous and storage moduli are almost independent from the frequency and they exhibit the characteristics of a strong gel. The temperature of formation of the MLVs phase influences the mechanical properties of the MLVs. Three different packing states of the MLVs phase were observed in the temperature range 25 - 55 C. © 2005 Applied Rheology.

DOI 10.3933/ApplRheol-15-230

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