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B.A. Macias-Rogriguez, A.G. Marangoni
Bakery shortenings: structure-mechanical function relations

Appl. Rheol. 27:3 (2017) 33410 (8 pages)

Abstract: Shortenings are examples of soft viscoelastic materials with important mechanical functions in baking applications. To fully understand their mechanical functionality, it is essential to correlate material microstructure with rheological behavior. We investigated commercial shortenings designed for various applications, with emphasis on those intended for use in laminated doughs. The microstructure of laminating shortenings was characterized by well-defined crystallites arranged in a layer-like fashion, whereas all-purpose and cake shortenings exhibited more distorted crystallites packed in a more heterogeneous manner. Oscillatory and creep shear behavior demonstrated that all shortenings acted as viscoelastic solids, but laminating shortenings had higher viscosities at .rest. in the linear regime. Recovery in the nonlinear regime showed that laminating shortenings had lower fractional recovery associated with pronounced plastic irreversible deformations. Extrusion tests also in dicated higher viscous dissipation for laminating shortenings. It is argued that the unique layered microstructure is partly responsible for the increased viscous and plastic flow of laminating shortenings, aspects that dictate the ability of these products to endure mechanically demanding processes without apparent catastrophic failure. © 2017 Applied Rheology.

DOI 10.3933/ApplRheol-27-33410

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