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Katarzyna Niedzwiedz, Oliver Arnolds, Norbert Willenbacher, Rudiger Brummer
Capillary Breakup Extensional Rheometry of Yield Stress Fluids

Appl. Rheol. 19:4 (2009) 41969 (10 pages)

Abstract: Filament breakup of high viscosity fluids with apparent yield stress has been investigated and strategies for an appropriate characterization of their behavior in CaBER experiments are discussed. Filament profiles of such fluids exhibit significant concave curvature. Accurate determination of filament shape is mandatory for understanding deformation behavior. Therefore, we have set up an optical train including high-speed camera, telecentric objective and telecentric back-light illumination with a blue light emitting diode (LED) providing high contrast filament shape imaging. Image analysis allows for diameter determination with an accuracy of 3.55 μm/pixel. In addition to the transient filament diameter at the neck we have extracted the curvature at this point as a function of time and the region of deformation, in order to characterize the extensional flow behavior.We have investigated the time evolution of filament shape as a function of various experimental parameters like stretching time, velocity profile during stretching, stretching ratio and initial sample volume at constant stretching ratio. Filament thinning is independent of stretching time, tsub>s and stretching velocity profile. But when the same stretching ratio is applied at different initial volume fraction, filament curvature increases strongly with decreasing sample volume leading to an increase of filament life time according to the negative contribution of its curvature to the Laplace pressure inside the fluid. © 2009 Applied Rheology.

DOI 10.3933/ApplRheol-19-41969

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