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Yi Chen, Weijian Xu, Yuanqin Xiong, Yue Peng, Chang Peng, Zhengliang Ou
Shear-Thickening Behavior of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Particles Suspensions in Glycerine

Appl. Rheol. 25:1 (2015) 12466 (8 pages)

For developing a new composite material owning shear-thickening characteristic, the rheological behaviors of nano-sized precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) particles with irregular sharp in glycerine were investigated systematically by means of steady and dynamic rheometry. The results showed that the concentrated PCC suspensions exhibit a strong shear-thickening behavior under both steady and dynamic oscillatory shear when the volume fraction of PCC above the threshold (about 41 %). In steady shear tests, the critical shear rate decreases and the maximum viscosity in shear thickening region increases dynamically with the increase of volume fraction. While, for suspensions with different volume fractions, the similar critical stress for the onset of shear thickening is found. In dynamic strain sweep at different fixed frequencies, with the increase of fixed frequency, the complex viscosity of suspensions decreases slightly, while the critical strain for shear-thickening shifts to lower value. The dynamic oscillatory rheological behavior of suspensions at low frequency (w < 100 rad/s) could be reasonably interpreted in terms of the steady shear behavior. For the suspensions with same volume fraction, it was interestingly found that the critical dynamic shear rate equaled to the product of critical strain and frequency could agree well with the critical shear rate in steady shear. Moreover, the rheological behavior of PCC suspensions shows excellent reversibility and reproducibility.

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Chen Y, Xu W, Xiong Y, Peng Y, Peng C, Ou Z: Shear-Thickening Behavior of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Particles Suspensions in Glycerine, Appl. Rheol. 25 (2015) 12466.

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