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Primoz Ternik, Jure Marn
Numerical study of blood flow in stenotic artery

Appl. Rheol. 19:1 (2009) 13060 (11 pages)

In the present study,we investigate the behaviour of the human blood in a stenosed blood vessel. The human blood is studied as a Newtonian as well as non-Newtonian fluid. We consider three rheological models of the shear-thinning non- Newtonian models and compare them with the Newtonian model. The blood flow through a stenosed blood vessel is studied numerically by solving the three dimensional Navier-Stokes equation along with the continuity equation and particular rheological model. Distribution of velocity, pressure,wall shear stresses and flow recirculation characteristics are determined for two time steps of the cardiac cycle. Present results indicate a significant influence of the shear-thinning viscous behaviour of a human blood on the most important hemodynamic parameters that play a key role in formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Last but not least, a systematic grid refinement analysis as well as numerical accuracy study IS performed and present numerical results may be treated as the benchmark.

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Ternik P, Marn J: Numerical study of blood flow in stenotic artery, Appl. Rheol. 19 (2009) 13060.

Jure Marn, Primoz Ternik
Use of Quadratic Model for Modelling of Fly Ash-Water Mixture

Appl. Rheol. 13:6 (2003) 286-296

Novel approach to rheological modelling of a fly ash-water mixture is proposed. The model is first tested against the available experimental data for a corn starch-water, a glass beads-water and a fly ash-water mixture and then used taking the advantage of available CFD code for a calculation of major and minor losses. Numerical results for Quadratic model are compared with results for Power law.

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Marn J, Ternik P: Use of Quadratic Model for Modelling of Fly Ash-Water Mixture, Appl. Rheol. 13 (2003) 286.

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