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Zoran Susteric, Tomaz Kos
Rheological Idiosyncrasies of Elastomer/Clay Nanocomposites

Appl. Rheol. 18:5 (2008) 54894 (10 pages)

Rheological properties of elastomeric nanocomposites with organically modified Montmorillonite clays, as possible replacements or supplements to classical active fillers, such as carbon black or silica, have been intensively studied in recent years. Possessing large specific surface areas acquired through the melt-mixing processes of elastomeric intercalation and subsequent filler exfoliation, the clay particles have indeed proved to be highly eligible reinforcing and thermally stabilizing ingredients for application in elastomers. In fact, their performance has shown to be in many respects superior to that of classical fillers, particularly owing to some unusual, though beneficial, exhibited properties. Namely, apart from uncommonly high surface activity, manifested by creation of a host of van der Waals type secondary linkages with elastomer molecules, the main curiosity of clay filler is its dissipative action. Using dynamic mechanical functions under different deformational and temperature conditions, as means for rheological characterization of nanocomposites, the foregoing nano-scale traits are clearly reflected in substantial stiffness at low strains and, unexpectedly, dwindling energy loss with increasig filler content and/or decreasing temperature. Besides, rheological analysis of this kind, together with appropriate theoretical grounds, has enabled elucidation of peculiar conduct, as well as macroscopic insight into the very nature of secondary interactions in elastomers.

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Susteric Z, Kos T: Rheological Idiosyncrasies of Elastomer/Clay Nanocomposites, Appl. Rheol. 18 (2008) 54894.

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