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Basim Abu-Jdayil, Hazim Mohameed, Tamara Snobar, Maha Sa'id
Rheology and Storage Tests of Dead Sea Shampoo

Appl. Rheol. 14:2 (2004) 96-103

Changes in the rheological properties of hair shampoo samples differing in the content of Dead Sea (DS) salt were studied. The rheological properties were tested during a 28-day storage period at three different storage temperatures (cold, room temperature and accelerated conditions). Steady rheological tests were performed and the conductivities of the shampoo samples were determined. The parameters of the power law model; the consistency coefficient and the flow behavior index were used to quantify the effect of storage time and temperature on the rheological behavior of hair shampoo in the presence of DS salt. The consistency coefficient of the salt free shampoo samples stored at 8°C and at room temperature decreased with storage time, and the rheological behavior changed from shear thinning to Newtonian. On the other hand, the samples stored at 45°C exhibited a shear thinning behavior, which did not change with storage time. Shampoo samples with 1.5 wt% DS salt content, showed the maximum viscosity and the rheological behavior of the samples did not change with the storage time. An exception were the samples stored at 45°C, which behaved like the salt free samples stored at room temperature. The conductivity of hair shampoo increased linearly with storage time and salt concentration. A discontinuity at a salt concentration of 1.5% was observed. However, the conductivity of hair shampoo increased with increasing the storage temperature.

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Abu-Jdayil B, Mohameed H, Snobar T, Sa'id A: Rheology and Storage Tests of Dead Sea Shampoo, Appl. Rheol. 14 (2004) 96.

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