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Jun Sato, Victor Breedveld
Evaporation Blocker for Cone-Plate Rheometry of Volatile Samples

Appl. Rheol. 15:6 (2005) 390-397

We report on the design and implementation of an evaporation blocker for cone-plate and plate-plate geometries. In addition to minimizing sample evaporation by trapping the saturated vapor inside a sample chamber, an important feature of the evaporation blocker is the suppression of solvent transport through condensation. Validation tests with DI-water, hydrogels, and colloidal suspensions demonstrate that the new accessory reduces solvent evaporation significantly more than commercially available environmental control chambers. Experiments were also performed to show that the evaporation blocker enables a variety of experiments on thermoresponsive complex fluids that were previously impossible, and provide new insight into the molecular organization of these materials. The evaporation blocker was specifically designed for an Anton Paar MCR rheometer, but the fundamental principles are widely applicable.

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Sato J, Breedveld V: Evaporation Blocker for Cone-Plate Rheometry of Volatile Samples, Appl. Rheol. 15 (2005) 390.

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