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M. J. Hato, S. K Pillai, H. J. Choi, K. Zhang
The rheology of non-aquoeous suspension of modified eccabond fine (EBF) clay

Appl. Rheol. 23:3 (2013) 34870 (9 pages)

This paper discusses the rheological properties of different contents of a commercially available Southern African clay, Eccabond fine (EBF), modified with hexadecyl trimethyl ammonium bromide, and Cloisite 15A (C15A), modified with dimethyl dehydrogenated tallow quaternary ammonium chloride dispersed in silicone oil. Focused-ion beam scanning electron microscopy shows that both C15A and EBF clays have sheet-like morphologies, but the sheets are more compact in the case of EBF clay. The rheological behavior of different suspensions was characterized by using a rheometer. The EBF suspensions behaved like Bingham fluids and also exhibited higher degrees of viscoelasticity than the C15A suspensions. The Casson model used to calculate the data of the yield stresses for the EBF suspensions was found to fit quite well with the flow curve results. The EBF suspensions obeyed the Schwarzl relation, in which the relaxation modulus (G(t)) illustrated a plateau-like behaviour for EBF suspensions compared to the C15A suspensions.

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Hato MJ, Pillai SK, Choi HJ, Zhang K: The rheology of non-aquoeous suspension of modified eccabond fine (EBF) clay, Appl. Rheol. 23 (2013) 34870.

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