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Y. Ivanov, V. Kavardjikov, D. Pashkuleva
Combined Method for Quantitative Characterisation of Fluid Flow

Appl. Rheol. 11:6 (2001) 320-324

A method has been proposed for quantitative characterization of the flow behaviour of fluids, which is an important problem of applied rheology. Particle Image Velocimetry technique has been used for visualization and measurement of the velocity field. The rheometric study of the fluid is aimed at determining the character of the flow and its dynamic viscosity. It is shown that the experimental data obtained for the velocity field and the viscosity are necessary and sufficient for determining the shear stress field at each point of the flow bulk. The major part of the investigations are performed using a Newtonian fluid (epoxy resin), but some data for the non- Newtonian fluid (solution of xantan) are shown too. The flow is produced by gravity in a system of tubes (a barrel and a capillary) with different round crossections. The possibility of further improvement of the combined rheo-optical method is shown.

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Ivanov Y, Kavardjikov V, Pashkuleva D: Combined Method for Quantitative Characterisation of Fluid Flow, Appl. Rheol. 11 (2001) 320.

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