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Sabine Beckmann, Jürgen Niemeyer
Flow Patterns of Polymer Solutions Injected into Dispersions of Bentonite

Appl. Rheol. 13:1 (2003) 14-18

The flow behaviour of colloidal dispersions is largely influenced by the interactions between the dispersed particles. We studied the influence of either natural or synthetic polyelectrolytes solutions on flow patterns within colloidal clay dispersion. For this purpose, highly diluted aqueous polymer solutions were intruded into a radial Hele-Shaw cell filled with montmorillonite dispersions. The developing flow patterns were recorded with a high resolution digital camera. The morphological parameters: fractal dimension, total number of branching, branching density of the patterns, compactness and form were obtained by digital image analysis. The results show that the patterns are largely affected by the different polymers.

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Beckmann S, Niemeyer J: Flow Patterns of Polymer Solutions Injected into Dispersions of Bentonite, Appl. Rheol. 13 (2003) 14.

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