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Blaise Nsom, Blaise Ravelo, Wilfried Ndong
Flow regimes in viscous horizontal dam-break flow of clayous mud

Appl. Rheol. 18:4 (2008) 43577 (8 pages)

The main characteristics of geological flows such as debris flows, avalanches and lahars is due to the relative importance of viscous versus inertial forces in the momentum balance.This paper considers the motion generated by the collapse of a damretaining mud, itself modeled as a power-law fluid. The equation of motion is derived in a non-dimensional form and solved analytically with the shallow-water assumption in a dry and smooth horizontal channel. Notably indicated are flow regimes and the effect of the reservoir length as well as the effect of mud rheology on flow development. Then, a parametric study of this model is produced and the effect of mud shear-thinning on flow development is pointed out.

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Nsom B, Ravelo B, Ndong W: Flow regimes in viscous horizontal dam-break flow of clayous mud, Appl. Rheol. 18 (2008) 43577.

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