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Paulo R. Souza Mendes, Eduardo S.S. Dutra
Viscosity Function for Yield-Stress Liquids

Appl. Rheol. 14:6 (2004) 296-302

A viscosity function for highly-shear-thinning or yield-stress liquids such as pastes and slurries is proposed. This function is continuous and presents a low shear-rate viscosity plateau, followed by a sharp viscosity drop at a threshold shear stress value (yield stress), and a subsequent power-law region. The equation was fitted to data for Carbopol aqueous solutions at two different concentrations, a drilling fluid, an water/oil emulsion, a commercial mayonnaise, and a paper coating formulation. The quality of the fittings was generally good.

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Mendes PRS, Dutra ESS: Viscosity Function for Yield-Stress Liquids, Appl. Rheol. 14 (2004) 296.

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