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Qianmei Li, Guozhong Wu, Yaodong Liu, Yingshe Luo
A rheological study of binary mixtures of Ionic Liquid [Me3NC2H4OH]+[Zn2Cl5]- and ethanol

Appl. Rheol. 16:6 (2006) 334-339

In this paper, by means of Advanced Rheometric Expanded System (ARES), oscillatory and steady shear behavior of binary mixtures of a quaternary ammonium based ionic liquid [Me3NC2H4OH]+[Zn2Cl5]- with ethanol (EtOH) were determined at 25 C and 25-50 C, respectively. The effects of shear rate, temperature and concentration on viscosity were elucidated sufficiently. It was found that the solutions show pseudo-plastic behavior at low shear rate and Newtonian property at higher shear rate. The addition of EtOH caused a substantial decrease in viscosity of the ionic liquid and the viscosity of binary mixtures could be described by an exponential equation. Arrhenius Equation and Power Law equation were applied to describe the respective effects of temperature and shear rate on viscosity. Activation energy derived from Arrhenius equation decreased with increasing the EtOH fraction in the mixture.

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Li Q, Wu G, Liu Y, Luo Y: A rheological study of binary mixtures of Ionic Liquid [Me3NC2H4OH]+[Zn2Cl5]- and ethanol, Appl. Rheol. 16 (2006) 334.

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