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Daniel Therriault, Scott White, Jennifer Lewis
Rheological Behavior of Fugitive Organic Inks for Direct-Write Assembly

Appl. Rheol. 17:1 (2007) 10112 (8 pages)

The rheological behavior of a fugitive organic ink tailored for direct-write assembly of 3D microfluidic devices is investigated. Rheological experiments are carried out to probe the shear storage and loss moduli as well as the complex viscosity as a function of varying temperature, frequency and stress amplitude. Master curves of these functions are assembled using time-temperature superposition. The fugitive ink, comprised of two organic phases, possesses an equilibrium shear elastic modulus nearly two orders of magnitude higher than that of a commercial reference ink at room temperature and a peak in the relaxation spectrum nearly six orders of magnitude longer in time scale. The self-supporting nature of extruded ink filaments is characterized by direct video imaging. Comparison of the experimentally observed behavior to numerical predictions based on Euler-Bernoulli viscoelastic beam analysis yield excellent agreement for slender filaments.

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Therriault D, White S, Lewis J: Rheological Behavior of Fugitive Organic Inks for Direct-Write Assembly, Appl. Rheol. 17 (2007) 10112.

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