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Joachim Kaldasch, Bernhard Senge, Jozua Laven
Shear thickening in electrically stabilized non-aqueous colloidal suspensions

Appl. Rheol. 19:2 (2009) 23493 (6 pages)

The authors previously introduced an activation model for the onset of shear thickening in electrically stabilized colloidal suspensions. It predicts that shear thickening occurs, when particles arranged along the compression axis in a sheared suspension do overcome the electrostatic repulsion at a critical shear stress, and are captured in the primary minimum of the DLVO interaction potential. A comparison with an experimental investigation on non-aqueous silica suspensions, carried out by Maranzano and Wagner, is performed. For particle systems that fall into the applicability range of the theory, a good coincidence between the experimental data and the model predictions can be found.

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Kaldasch J, Senge B, Laven J: Shear thickening in electrically stabilized non-aqueous colloidal suspensions, Appl. Rheol. 19 (2009) 23493.

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