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Fernando Su, Suzana C. S. Lannes
Rheological evaluation of the structure of ice cream mixes varying fat base

Appl. Rheol. 22:6 (2012) 63871 (7 pages)

This paper discusses the influence of fat type in the structure of ice cream, during its production by means of rheo-optical analysis. Fat plays an important part in the ice cream structure formation. It's responsible for the air stabilization, flavor release, texture and melting properties. The objective of this study was to use a rheological method to predict the fat network formation in ice cream with three types of fats (hydrogenated, low trans and palm fat). The three formulations were produced using the same methodology and ratio of ingredients. Rheo-optical measurements were taken before and after the ageing process, and the maximum compression force, overrun and melting profile were calculated in the finished product. The rheological analysis showed a better response from the ageing process from the hydrogenated fat, followed by the low trans fat. The formulation with palm fat showed greater differences between the three, where through the rheological tests a weaker destabilization of the fat globule membrane by the emulsifier was suggested. The overrun, texture measurements and meltdown profile has shown the distinction on the structure formation by the hydrogenated fat from the other fats.

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Su F, Lannes SCS: Rheological evaluation of the structure of ice cream mixes varying fat base, Appl. Rheol. 22 (2012) 63871.

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