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Elias Harika, Sebastien Jarny, Philippe Monnet, Jean Bouyer, Michel Fillon
Effect of water pollution on rheological properties of lubricating oil

Appl. Rheol. 21:1 (2011) 12613 (9 pages)

This paper presents an experimental study of the rheological behaviour of water-in-oil mixtures without any additive, up to 10 % of mass water concentration, where the mixture is considered to be a Newtonian fluid. The selected oil is a classical turbine mineral oil. Viscosity was measured for five temperatures, ranging from 10 to 80 C, for droplet size below 30 $\mu$m. A light decrease of viscosity was detected for water concentrations below 0.1 %. For concentrations greater than 0.2 %, viscosity increases with water concentration. Moreover, the variation of viscosity with temperature shows good correlation with both Walther model and Mac Coull & Walther model. Finally, a new model of water-in-oil mixtures viscosity as a function of temperature and concentration was defined.

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Harika E, Jarny S, Monnet P, Bouyer J, Fillon M: Effect of water pollution on rheological properties of lubricating oil, Appl. Rheol. 21 (2011) 12613.

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