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S.O.S. Echendu, H.R. Tamaddon-Jahromi, M.F. Webster
Modelling Reverse Roll Coating flow with dynamic wetting lines and inelastic shear thinning fluids

Appl. Rheol. 23:6 (2013) 62388 (13 pages)

This study addresses the Taylor-Galerkin/pressure-correction solution of industrial high-speed reverse roller coating flow associated with thin-film paint-coatings of strip-steel. Novel aspects lie in the inclusion of the dynamic wetting line and flow analysis due to surface tension and inelastic rheology effects, via shear-thinning and lowering high shear viscosity levels. The main aim of the study is to predict the zonal flow influences by examining viscous flow structures around the meniscus, nip and wetting line regions, conveyed via streamline and shear rate patterns, surface distributional lift and localised nip-pressures. The majority of this study focuses on the secondary nip-vortex and its influences on the contact point and dynamic wetting line. This aspect of the flow provides the driving mechanism for the onset of instabilities, which governs the entire process and tends to determine the consistency of the film thickness at the outflow. Positive peak-pressures tend to increase with decrease in nip-gap size. At low nip-gap size, negative peak pressures are observed around the substrate-wetting line contact region. At higher speed-ratios, positive peak pressures are seen to increase with less recirculation apparent around the contact zone. Significantly and upon surface tension increase, the dynamic wetting line is sucked further inwards towards the nip-gap, stimulating a localised wetting line-foil third vortex structure, which causes an apparent reduction in film-leakage thickness.

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Echendu S, Tamaddon-Jahromi H, Webster M: Modelling Reverse Roll Coating flow with dynamic wetting lines and inelastic shear thinning fluids, Appl. Rheol. 23 (2013) 62388.

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