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Patrick D. Anderson, Joseph Dooley, Han E.H. Meijer
Viscoelastic effects in multilayer polymer extrusion

Appl. Rheol. 16:4 (2006) 198-205

The effect of viscoelasticity on multilayer polymer extrusion is discussed. In these coextrusion processes predetermined patterns are created with a remarkable breadth of complexity even in geometrically simple dies via elastic rearrangements caused by the second-normal stress differences. A computational method is offered, based on the mapping method, which quantitatively describes the flow-induced patterns. Besides that the results are esthetically beautiful, they are also relevant for practice, since process and die design optimization is now possible. Not only to minimize interface distortion, but potentially also to deliberately create new processes and products based on this flow-induced patterning of polymers.

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Anderson PD, Dooley J, Meijer HEH: Viscoelastic effects in multilayer polymer extrusion, Appl. Rheol. 16 (2006) 198.

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