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Valerie J. Anderson, Gerald H. Meeten
Interpretation of T-bar tool measurements for yield stress materials

Appl. Rheol. 22:5 (2012) 55370 (9 pages)

The T-bar rheometrical tool (Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.) is a slender rod which is placed in a material and rotated horizontally about its short axis by a vertical shaft. The torque on the shaft from laminar flow of material around the rod is determined by the material.s rheological properties. T-bar experiments for a Newtonian liquid are shown to agree closely with existing theory. For yield stress materials an approximation is derived for the torque on a rotating T-bar which is supported by experiments on a range of materials. The torque for very slow rotational speed is insensitive to boundaries beyond a few T-bar diameters and is shown to correlate with the material.s yield stress and other non-Newtonian parameters. A stepdecrease in torque for each half-revolution of the T-bar was shown by some materials and possible origins of this effect are discussed.

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Anderson VJ, Meeten GH: Interpretation of T-bar tool measurements for yield stress materials, Appl. Rheol. 22 (2012) 55370.

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