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Sunil B. Adalja, Joshua U. Otaigbe
Melt rheology of tin phosphate glasses

Appl. Rheol. 11:1 (2001) 10-18

The melt rheology of a low Tg tin phosphate glass [Pglass] has been studied with oscillatory shear flow experiments to accelerate efforts to melt process the glass with different organic polymers. The w dependence of the complex viscosity h* of the Pglass is easily predicted by a modified Rouse model with two relaxation times. The complex viscosity of the glass at different temperatures and frequencies can be superposed and described by the Arrhenius equation. At higher temperatures, the melt viscosity of the Pglass increased monotonically with time. This viscosity rise is thought to be due to sample crystallization. The Pglass was melt-mixed with two different thermoplastic polymers (low-density polyethylene and polystyrene) to produce unique hybrid materials with interesting microstructures.

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Adalja SB, Otaigbe JU: Melt rheology of tin phosphate glasses, Appl. Rheol. 11 (2001) 10.

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