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Florentina Talos, Alain Ponton, Berengere Abou, Alexandre Chevillot, Helene Lecoq, Simion Simon
Multiscale viscoelastic investigation of silica-calcium-phosphate sol-gel materials

Appl. Rheol. 25:6 (2015) 63567 (12 pages)

The sol-gel transition of homogeneous biocomposites synthesized using tetraethyl-orthosilicate alkoxide, calcium nitrate tetrahydrate and di-ammonium hydrogen phosphate salts as reagents are investigated at the macroscopic scale by small amplitude oscillatory shear measurements and probed locally by passive microrheology at 37 C. Structural evolutions during the sol-gel transition are studied by using Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) analysis. The Young's modulus of the aged gels is measured as a function of time, at room temperature. Moreover the materials are dried, thermally treated and characterized by laser scattering analysis and X-ray diffraction to obtain the particle size distribution and crystallite size respectively and to observe the morphology by Scanning Electron Microscopy.

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Talos F, Ponton A, Abou B, Chevillot A, Lecoq H, Simon S: Multiscale viscoelastic investigation of silica-calcium-phosphate sol-gel materials, Appl. Rheol. 25 (2015) 63567.

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