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S.J.J. Debon, J. Wallecan, J. Mazoyer
A rapid rheological method for the assessment of the high pressure homogenization of citrus pulp fibres

Appl. Rheol. 22:6 (2012) 63919 (11 pages)

Abstract: This paper describes the development of a rapid rheological method for the characterization of functionalized citrus pulp fibers by high pressure homogenization. The suspension rheology of the fibers differ significantly depending on the applied processing conditions, making it critical to have quick and robust quality control tools in place. The weak polyelectrolyte nature of the fibers was considered in order to define the adequate solvent conditions for the rheological evaluation of the suspensions. Secondly, an improved dispersion method using ethylene glycol was developed in order to ensure optimal hydration of the dry fiber. The effect of fiber concentration was then studied both under steady-shear and oscillation tests. The dry matter concentration for the rapid rheological method was set at 4 w/w% above the experimental critical concentration or percolation threshold. © 2012 Applied Rheology.

DOI 10.3933/ApplRheol-22-63919

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