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information updated 12 Oct 2018

Article in production (not yet online)
Yin Yin Teo, Premanarayani Menon, Misni Misran,
Effect of Diethylaminoethyl-Dextran coated liposomes on the rheological properties of carbopol gel
Appl. Rheol. 28:6 (2018) 62616

Article in production (not yet online)
Katarina Dimic-Misic, Kari Vanhatalo, Olli Dahl, Patrick Gane,
Rheological properties comparison of aqueous dispersed nanocellulose derived from a novel pathway-produced microcrystalline cellulose or by conventional methods
Appl. Rheol. 28:6 (2018) 64474

Article in production (not yet online)
Jan Ullsperger, Robert Válek,
Properties of polymer solutions intended for formation of hollow fibers membranes by inversion phases process
Appl. Rheol. 28:6 (2018) 65935

Article in production (not yet online)
Victor Chike Agbakoba, Percy Hlangothi, Clarence Yah, Geoffrey Simate,
A study of the flow behaviour of prevulcanised natural rubber latex/singlewalled carbon nanotubes blends using rotational viscometry and power law model
Appl. Rheol. 28:6 (2018) 64175

Article in production (not yet online)
Hui Li, Yingshe Luo, Donglan Hu,
Long term creep assessment of room-temperature cured epoxy adhesive by time-stress superposition and fractional rheological model
Appl. Rheol. 28:6 (2018) 64796